Web links and associated resources on this site are intended to help inform students, parents, family members, and the community at large about important issues affecting our students and their families.  These resources can provide information about issues such as depression, grief, suicide, as well as positive coping strategies to deal with such issues.  If you or someone you know is experiencing problems and needs help, please tell someone who can help. You are encouraged to seek out assistance from a family physician, member of your clergy or other trusted adult.  Grafton school counselors, administrators, and teachers are also excellent resources for support and direction about important issues affecting student’s lives. 

Advocates of Ozaukee Cope Services
Starting Point of Ozaukee (formerly Ozaukee Council)

Opentohope (grief and loss support)

American Assoication of


Helping Others Prevent and Educate about Suicide
Suicide Prevention Lifeline National Eating Disorders Association
Suicide: Helping People Grieve & Grow (Pwr Pt)

Adolescent Grief Issues

(Pwr Pt)

Parents: The Anti-drug WebMD
Children's Grief Education Assoc  


Be ready and willing to sound an alarm
To keep our youth safe